Schiphol Reismaatjes

Facebook App

We’re Facebook friends, but are we travel buddies? That was the central question of Reismaatjes, a promotional activation for Schiphol Amsterdam – the main airport in The Netherlands. Together with the strategy team, characters were defined and a system was devised to categorize you as a travel type: are you a spontaneous or well-planned traveller? Do you want to explore or escape when you’re on holiday? A series of playfully illustrated and animated questions were created in order to type-cast the user and make matches between him and his friends. I did the overall art-direction, preliminary sketches of the illustrations (8), then briefed the illustrators and animators to produce all characters and animations and continued myself with screen design and production. The app is completely responsive so it works on mobile too, and all animations and behaviour were done in HTML5.
A very fun project.

Year: 2013

Client: Schiphol Airport

Commissioned by: THEY